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We pay $$$ for your LP/CD/DVD Collections!

We Buy/Sell Cds, Records, DVDs, Tapes, Video Systems/Games and more!
We Carry EVERYTHING!, including:

OVER 50,000 titles spanning almost 100 years of music CDs, Cassettes, VHS, Videodisk, DVDs,(new releases, current, older titles, live shows) LPs (collectible & common), Video Game Systems & new and current games, Lithographs, Memorabilia, T-Shirts, Posters, Songbooks, Musical Instruments, Autographs, and much, much more!

Covering every genre:

Rock - R&B - Soul - Blues - Broadway - Country - Jazz - Hip-Hop - Rap - Oldies - New Releases - Special Orders - and much, much more!

Call us at 631-264-0524 or Contact Us if you have any questions, requests or comments.

We appreciate your business!


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